XmAb® bispecific antibody

Amgen is collaborating with Xencor, Inc. to expand on our own pioneering work in target discovery, protein therapeutics, and bispecific antibodies with the XmAb® bispecific technology platform. XmAb® technology is a novel immunomodulatory platform consisting of engineered Fc domains with selective high affinity binding to create half-life extended T cell engagers and dual-targeting bispecific antibodies.

The XmAb® bispecific Fc domain technology is designed to maintain full-length antibody properties in a bispecific antibody, potentially enabling favorable in vivo half-life and simplified manufacturing. These bispecific antibodies activate T cells at the site of the tumor for killing of malignant cells. The XmAb® Fc domain format allows for modification of the potency of T cell killing, potentially improving the tolerability of tumor immunotherapy.

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Fab: fragment antigen-binding; Fc: fragment crystallizable.

XmAb® is a registered trademark of Xencor, Inc.