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Amgen Oncology is advancing all angles of care. Through our
mission and our medicines, we’re transforming what’s possible.

Driving Innovation

Our goal is to deliver high-quality, reliably supplied, and cost-saving biosimilar medicines to provide more treatment options that create a more sustainable healthcare system.

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Reaching the community

We’re proud to offer an ever-expanding catalog of support, advocacy, and resources so that patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers can continue to focus on what matters most.

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Making connections

At Amgen, we believe that bringing people together can improve cancer outcomes. Hear patient stories and connect with other Amgen destinations to learn more about how we’re improving patient care.

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Despite many remarkable advancements, more than 9 million lives will be lost globally to cancer this year.1 We are dedicated to delivering new therapies to patients with complex cancers, where there remains significant unmet need to improve outcomes.


1. American Cancer Society. Cancer Facts & Figures 2022. Atlanta: American Cancer Society; 2022.